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This forum is offered to help AIA Members meet their staffing needs. Employers are invited to submit job announcements using the link provided below. Submissions are posted as received. AIA Indiana plays no role in discussions between job seekers and prospective employers. Information listed herein is offered only as a convenience for those using this information service.

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Archivist for Architectural Records Muncie, IN 5/23/2017
Intern Architect Indianapolis, IN 5/18/2017
Project Director / Project Architect Indianapolis, IN 5/9/2017
Graduate Architect South Bend, IN 5/3/2017
Marketing Coordinator - International Masonry Institute Indianapolis, IN 5/1/2017
Design Counselor Ft. Wayne, IN 5/1/2017
Build Counselor Ft. Wayne, IN 5/1/2017
Project Architect / Project Manager Bloomington, IN 4/25/2017
Architectural Project Manager Indianapolis, IN 4/20/2017
Graduate Architect Indianapolis, IN 4/11/2017
Civil Engineer Indianapolis, IN 4/11/2017
Graduate or Recently Registered Architect Indianapolis, IN 3/28/2017
Interior Designer Indianapolis, IN 3/21/2017
Architectural Designer Indianapolis, IN 3/21/2017
Student Architecture Intern Indianapolis, IN 3/21/2017
Assistant General Manager Indianapolis, IN 3/21/2017
Facility Alterations Manager Indianapolis, IN 3/21/2017
Project Architect Kalamazoo, MI 3/20/2017
Project Manager Kalamazoo, MI 3/20/2017
Tenant Services Manager Indianapolis, IN 3/15/2017
Architect Indianapolis, IN 3/14/2017
Job Captain Charlotte, NC 3/7/2017
Entry-Level Graduate Architect Evansville, IN 2/28/2017
BIM (Revit) Manager / Production Architect Evansville, IN 2/28/2017
Architect Indianapolis, IN 2/15/2017
Chief Design Officer – Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development Indianapolis, IN 2/15/2017
Architect Indianapolis, IN 1/30/2017
Program Director, Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate & Construction Management Indianapolis, IN 1/23/2017
Project Architect Indianapolis, IN 1/10/2017
Draftsman Indianapolis, IN 12/28/2016
Tenant Space Planner / Interior Designer Indianapolis, IN 12/28/2016
Move Coordinator / Furniture Specifier Indianapolis, IN 12/28/2016
Interior Designer Indianapolis, IN 12/20/2016
Project Director / Project Architect Indianapolis, IN 12/20/2016
Project Architect Indianapolis, IN 12/12/2016
Project Architect Indianapolis, IN 12/12/2016
Senior Planner for Facilities Programming West Lafayette, IN 11/14/2016
Graduate Design Architect Indianapolis, IN 11/7/2016
Architectural Graduate / Designer Indianapolis, IN 10/31/2016
Structural CAD Designer Indianapolis, IN 10/31/2016
Faculty Member Indianapolis, IN 10/25/2016
Architect Lafayette, IN 10/16/2016
Architectural Design Associate Benton Harbor, MI / South Bend, IN 10/14/2016
Architectural Designer Benton Harbor, MI / South Bend, IN 10/14/2016
Architect Benton Harbor, MI / South Bend, IN 10/14/2016
Graduate Architect Indianapolis, IN 10/14/2016
Intern Architect Charlotte, NC 10/10/2016
Assistant Director of Sustainability West Lafayette, IN 9/30/2016
Architect Indianapolis, IN 9/19/2016
Graduate Architect Ft. Wayne, IN 9/14/2016
Graduate Architect Lafayette, IN 8/31/2016
Project Manager / Architect Charlotte, NC 8/29/2016
Senior Facilities Project Manager Indianapolis, IN 8/26/2016
Project Architect Westerville, OH 8/25/2016
Project Architect Nationwide 8/17/2016
Graduate Architect Indianapolis, IN 8/8/2016
Architectural Tech Indianapolis, IN 8/8/2016
Graduate Architect Lafayette, IN 8/4/2016
Project Architect Lafayette, IN 8/4/2016
Graduate Architect South Bend, IN 7/26/2016
Graduate Architect Indianapolis, IN 7/25/2016
Draftsperson/Designer Sidney, OH 7/21/2016
Multiple Positions Louisville, KY 7/21/2016
Intern Architect Indianapolis, IN 7/21/2016
Project Architect Indianapolis, IN 7/21/2016
Architect Indianapolis, IN 7/18/2016
Graduate Architect Noblesville, IN 7/5/2016
Quality Control Architect Toledo, OH 6/21/2016
Senior Director of Architecture Woonsocket, RI 6/16/2016
Project Team Leader and/or Architect Milwaukee, WI 6/8/2016
Architects and Graduate Architects Louisville, KY 6/8/2016
Project Architect / Designer San Francisco, CA 5/31/2016
Architect Indianapolis, IN 5/24/2016
Architect Indianapolis, IN 5/23/2016
Multiple Positions Kalamazoo, MI 5/23/2016
Project Architect Indianapolis, IN 5/11/2016
Graduate Architect Indianapolis, IN 5/11/2016
Architectural Draftsperson Indianapolis, IN 5/9/2016
City of Indianapolis Code Enforcement Deputy Director of Inspection Services Indianapolis, IN 5/2/2016
Graduate Interior Architectural Designer
Indianapolis, IN 4/25/2016
Architects and Job Captains Indianapolis, IN 4/25/2016
Architect / Intern Architect
Louisville, KY 4/12/2016
Architect Fishers, IN 3/28/2016
Registered Architect Carmel, IN 3/22/2016
Senior Architect Newburgh, IN 3/21/2016
Senior Architect / Managerenior Architect / Manager Benton Harbor, MI 3/14/2016
Interior and Sustainable Design Coordinator Indianapolis, IN 3/14/2016
Architect Indianapolis, IN 2/29/2016
Graduate / Registered Architect Indianapolis, IN 2/15/2016
Interior Designer / Senior Interior Designer Indianapolis, IN 2/8/2016



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